Journal of international youth Work Camp

Limonest from 3 till 23 July 2011 - version française


Tuesday, July 5th, 2011


Kristina helped by Jean-François acquaints with plans before beginning the frame of the kiosk.

It's necessary to empty the sandbag which hampers closing the gate, but buckets are heavy! Is'nt it Aleksandra?


Numerous comings and goings will be necessary to clear the extremity of the escarpe. Our friends Pierre and Yoojin seem been used to such a work!

Simon, our apprentice carpenter planes beams to give them the shape which suits.


A whole team is in charge of clearing the escarpe of the moss and the vegetables accumulated over the years (From right to left: Pierre-Marie, Gizem, Eunsol, Hakan, Aleksandra and Natacha).

Perched as goats on the rocks of the escarpe, they scratch the moss. Hakan gives safety glasses to Gizem.


- The construction site, financed by the municipality of Limonest is supervised by the association "Limonest Patrimoine".


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